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thespiderswe8's Journal

Vriska Serket
23 October
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Your name is VRISKA SERKET, and you are generally considered to be a HUGE BITCH.

Ever since the SGRUB INCIDENT, you have unfortunately spent four long solar sweeps trapped within a ectobiological laboratory in THE VEIL, a large band of asteroids outlining the INCIPISPHERE. Four long, long sweeps locked up with annoying morons. Fortunately, due to a very strange incident involving a BLACK ORACLE, you have wound up in the City, a strange human city that is partially populated with the morons you were cooped up with. Great.

Fortunately, it's not all bad. You currently take up residence with KANAYA MARYAM, your moirail and very, VERY close friend, despite what other people would like to infer about your relationship with her. Seriously. Just friends. (Okay, more than just friends, but you'll be the last person to admit that.)

You are a PSYCHIC, although your powers were severely diminished with the lost of your Vision Eightfold - fortunately, your HYPNOTIC POWERS are as strong as ever. The simple act of staring a person in the eye results in that person becoming your HYPNOTIZED SLAVE. It takes a lot of concentration to make a person act beyond the level of shambling mind-controlled zombie, so you haven't really gone out of your way to use it. This is probably a GOOD THING FOR EVERYONE.

This whole city is your oyster and you've got the knife. So - what will you do?